GNOME Foundation Budgeting - Infrastructure needs


I wanted to follow-up quickly on a discussion we were just having IRC.  
Germán recently sent an email to foundation-list asking teams for
feedback if they need any funds budgeted for next fiscal year which
starts in October.

Thanks to Jeff's donation of Combobox earlier this year we have a shiny
new server we need to utilize more.  With the issues with Label today, I
would like to ask a couple questions:

* What would we like to migrate to Combobox?
* What server hardware (and configuration) would be optimal for the
Foundation, considering most of our hardware is now out of support
contracts?  (How many new servers hosting what services?)
* What would our backup plan be if we could only buy one server?
* What are the risks with the current setup?

That's off the top of my head.  Please discuss!  :)


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