Re: GNOME Foundation Budgeting - Infrastructure needs

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 9:12 AM, Jeff Schroeder
<jeffschroeder computer org> wrote:
> Thats just a good recent example. Combobox is a Dell 1U server which
> I'll have to recommend as they are better bang for the buck without
> skimping quality. The ILO stuff isn't as schmexy as the HP or
> Sun^WOracle servers, but the price point is right and the quality is
> very good. They extended warranties are also well cheap.

Without going into nearly the same detail as Jeff, I agree that
another machine like combobox would be great. I think, between two
such machines, we would be able to replace all of the unsupported
hardware. This should allow us to segregate services into VMs and
better manage resources per-service.

I also agree that a setup like this would fix the issue we have with
fixed.g.o. Anytime builds start up on that machine it becomes
completely unresponsive. One or two dedicated build VMs would be a
nicer solution.

I think the biggest concern really is that nearly all of the hardware
is end of life so we're just asking for a disaster. One more new
machine lets us safely move all these services onto supported


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