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Hi Alexandro,

--On Samstag, September 26, 2009 20:48:44 -0300 Alexandro Silva
<penguim gmail com> wrote:

I started setting up website-editors. I am following your README but
when you run the steps below an error has been shown:

alexos socket:/srv/wgoplone/development/wgo-buildout$ bin/buildout -c


Got zc.recipe.cmmi 1.3.1.
  Getting section lxml.
  Initializing section lxml.
  Installing recipe z3c.recipe.staticlxml.
Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: zc.buildout 1.2.1
but zc.recipe.cmmi 1.3.1 requires 'zc.buildout>=1.4'.

The z.c buildout version that is used is 1.2.1, but 1.4+ is needed.
Buildout is probably installed into the python environment you use,
otherwise a new version of zc.buildout would have been downloaded.

Please do the following:

* call with the python we need. That will probably be
* try `bin/buildout -c deploy-editors.cfg` again.

If it fails post the content of bin/buildout.
It extends the sys.path variable of python with buildout-specific packages,
which are normally setuptools and buildout:

# !/srv/zope/instances/gnome/../../_appserver/python-2.4/bin/python

import sys
sys.path[0:0] = [

import zc.buildout.buildout

if __name__ == '__main__':

If either of these are missing they are already installed in the python
installation and used from there. It is better to at least not have
zc.buildout installed in the systems python so it can be installed in a
current version by bootstrap.

Then you need to
* either update them in the python installation:
`easy_install-2.4 -U zc.buildout` or `easy_install -U zc.buildout`
* or better remove zc.buildout from the system's python installation
 maybe in /lib/python/dist-packages/zc.buildout

If its not working post the contents of bin/buildout and the output of
bin/buildout -vvvv -c deploy-editors.cfg



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