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Hi Jaap,

--On Sonntag, September 06, 2009 22:32:31 +0200 "Jaap A. Haitsma" <jaap haitsma org> wrote:

Hi Carsten,

Great work.

The is not up yet? Is this intentional?

No, it's not up yet. Alexsandro did a great job setting up the current
website-test on socket.
Alexsandro, can you update the website-test and add a new website-editors


BTW are you planning to move the svn plone repo to the GNOME git repo?
Would be handier for other GNOME people to participate in setting up
the site

On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 23:47, Carsten Senger<senger rehfisch de> wrote:
Hi all,

new configuration to deploy a development plone site and a permanent
editors instance on are ready.

I've updated the deployment README[1].
It's a rather big change for the administrative part. The plone site is
now splitted into two server processes:

 * zope/plone on port 8090 (respectively 8091)
 * deliverance on port 5000 (respectively 5001)

Apache has to rewrite requests to the deliverance server.
The buildout contains an update script for a continous build of the site.
It brings the buildout up to date, drops the current test site and
installs a new one.
This means that with every update of the test site, previews changes are
The editors instance is intended as a editing envirionment for the
content team. It comes with backup scripts:
bin/backup: A full, then incremental backupsbin/backup
bin/restore: restore the last backup made by bin/backup
bin/snapshotbackup: separte, full backups
bin/repozo: the backend script that can be used with command line

After running the buildout for website editors for the first time, there
are some manuall steps to do that are not listed in the README. I will
add them later:

* change the admin password. By default, the user admin has the password
 To change that log into the "ZMI": http://<hostname>:8091/manage
 Go to acl_users -> users
 Click on "Password" for the admin and set a new password
* Log into the Plone Control Panel as "admin"
* Adjust the mail settings so mails from the plone site work
* Remove the automatically created users in the plone site:
 Go to "Users and Groups", click "Show all" and remove all users that
are  not needed by checking the last box "Remove user" and "Apply
Changes".  You can add new users now and reset the password for the
remaining users.  They will get a Mail to set a new password.

To do maintainance tasks it would be good to add another virtual host
that points to the backend server on port 8091 and is accessible under a
hostname like "". does only expose the Plone frontend, not the
underlying application server management interface (the "ZMI").



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