bugzilla.gnome.org bzr now in launchpad

	The official source repository for the code of bugzilla.gnome.org is
now launchpad. You can check out the code from launchpad by doing:

	bzr co lp:bugzilla.gnome.org

	The everythingsolved repository for bugzilla.gnome.org is now dormant
and will no longer be updated.

	All members of the "GNOME Bugzilla Maintainers" group on Launchpad can
commit to that branch.

	bugzilla.gnome.org has been switched to pulling from that branch
(though you cannot commit directly from /var/www/bugzilla.gnome.org, for
safety purposes--do your own checkout, commit from that, and then do a
"bzr up" in /var/www/bugzilla.gnome.org on bugzilla-web).

	If you have questions about launchpad, #launchpad on FreeNode IRC is a
good resource. For bzr, #bzr on FreeNode is also an excellent resource.

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