[krn krn dk: GUADEC.ORG NS Change]

Could someone do this? Might also need a whois record change. Not sure
how to do the latter.
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Hi gnome DNS maintainers (menubar.gnome.org DNS server)

WE, the host operations at DKUUG.DK are moving from one of our
nameservers for many years, hence I would ask you to change the NS
records of the GUADEC.ORG domaine to reflect this.

 REMOVE:     NS      ns2.tele.dk.

add   (new auth slave DNS)       NA ns2.dkuug.dk
keep  (exist auth slave DNS)       NS      ptah.dkuug.dk.
      (NEW: dual ip AND
keep         NS      menubar.gnome.org.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

Kristen Nielsen (gnome foundation member)
Vestbanevej 16-2tv
DK 2500 Valby
phone +45 40466221 (mobile)
landline. +45 36430401

krn krn dk

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