Re: wgo status?

--On Dienstag, September 08, 2009 13:20:42 +0200 johannes raggam
<raggam-nl adm at> wrote:

hey all,

yesterday, monday 7th september, there was a meeting scheduled but no
one attended. (see: )

I was sure there was no meeting scheduled before Sept 12th, but I was
obviously wrong.

i'm curious what the current status of gnome-wgo is and what is left to
be done to meet the deadlines. and when should the website go live?

from the cms team we have some layout polishing tasks left as well as
some improvements to language specific issues and probably much which i
don't think about yet. there is a TODO.txt file in the buildout which
can be used to add more TODO's and tasks (see:
xt )

I'm going the the german zope conference in Munich for the rest of the week
and will do a 1,5 day minisprint for the language infrastructure there on
Saturday and Sunday.


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