Re: wgo status?

On Tue, 2009-09-08 at 22:10 +0200, Carsten Senger wrote:
> > yesterday, monday 7th september, there was a meeting scheduled but no
> > one attended. (see:
> > )
> I was sure there was no meeting scheduled before Sept 12th, but I was
> obviously wrong.
> Sorry.
no problem... it's maybe better anyways to have a meeting next week or
so (but maybe not on monday, 14th. there i'm going to see dinosaur jr in
vienna :) )

> > i'm curious what the current status of gnome-wgo is and what is left to
> > be done to meet the deadlines. and when should the website go live?
> >
> > from the cms team we have some layout polishing tasks left as well as
> > some improvements to language specific issues and probably much which i
> > don't think about yet. there is a TODO.txt file in the buildout which
> > can be used to add more TODO's and tasks (see:
> >
> > xt )
> I'm going the the german zope conference in Munich for the rest of the week
> and will do a 1,5 day minisprint for the language infrastructure there on
> Saturday and Sunday.

sounds great! i'm sorry i cannot attend, but i'm sure there are many
other sprinters on-site who may help :)


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