Extra merge commits in gnome-doc-utils

So gnome-doc-utils has gotten itself a fairly wonky history
due to mistakes on my part.  What happened is that I made
releases, tagged the release commits, and pushed the tags,
but I didn't push master.  So the commits got pushed, but
origin/master wasn't updated.

If you look at the history for gnome-doc-utils in giggle,
you can see the problem pretty clearly.

I want origin/master to point to 0.17.5, or to something
that includes 0.17.5 in its history, but this doesn't seem
possible with our extra merge commits check.  If I rebase
0.17.5 on top of origin/master, I get bogus extra release
commits, but the signed release commits still aren't in
the history of origin/master.  It's ugly.

Since those commits are pushed and tagged, there's no way
history can be fixed now.  The cleanest thing to do would
be to just make origin/master point to 0.17.5, but I can't
make this happen.  Could a git admin make it so?


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