Commit emails (was Re: git status update?)


A couple of things I've noticed about the commit mails after perusing

It looks like multiple commits mails aren't being sent with a "cover email":

    * [vala: 2/2] gstreamer-rtp-0.10: regenerated with gstreamer-0.1, Ali Sabil
    * [vala: 1/2] gstreamer-base-0.10: Fix GstBaseTransform.transfor, Ali Sabil

At least one email (for gnome-bluetooth) had broken metadata:

    * [no subject], Unknown

In a large multiple commit batch, many of the emails in the archive
were very out-of-order:

    * [gdm/multi-stack: 13/17] Pull verification functions out into
their own sub, Ray Strode
    * [gdm/multi-stack: 16/17] Disconnect task "loaded" handler when
loaded, Ray Strode
    * [gdm/multi-stack: 9/17] add debug spew, Ray Strode
    * [gdm/multi-stack: 14/17] Add new function
find_task_with_service_name, Ray Strode
    * [gdm/multi-stack: 6/17] Initiate smart card auth when clicking
on it in li, Ray Strode
    (etc, etc.)


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