Re: Killed $PRODUCT-maint gnome org aliases

On 7/31/09, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
>  > You could parse MAINTAINERS file or DOAP by hand for mail addresses to
>  > include, but having a mail alias ready would be so much handier.
> I was thinking to have a site where this information is visible. Were
>  you aware of the aliases? Meaning: is it important for you to get the
>  outdated ones back, or you want it in some time in the future?

Outdated aliases are of course not useful. I was thinking more of the
latter. If something automatically parses DOAP and produces
MODULENAME-maint gnome org aliases, and we document the fact that
those aliases exist, then I do not think listing all aliases is
needed. Some maintainers might worry about spam and such, so having a
listing is probably best avoided.


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