Re: Killed $PRODUCT-maint gnome org aliases

On 7/31/09, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
> Menubar had various $product-maint gnome org aliases configured. They
>  pointed to the email addresses of the maintainers.
>  Relevant postfix option (not active anymore):
>  alias_database =
>         hash:/etc/
>  File /etc/ (partial paste):
>  orbit-maint: ":include:/etc/"
>  File /etc/ (this partially reflects
>  reality):
>  sopwith
>  dick
>  andrewtv
>  wilhelmi
>  kennard
>  Anyway, these files were last modified in Jan 4 2005. I could recreate
>  them using information in LDAP (used by Mango, created from DOAP and
>  l10n), but I do not see the point. If a maintainer needs to be
>  contacted, use Bugzilla so everyone is informed.

I think mail aliases are useful. Not everything is technically a bug
or a feature request and belongs in Bugzilla per se.

Think of release engineering and a module ignoring a certain freeze --
it may not be a bug in the module on its own, but the release team or
the docs team or i18n team needs to get in contact with the
maintainers. Often, they already have an e-mail report of the issue.
You could parse MAINTAINERS file or DOAP by hand for mail addresses to
include, but having a mail alias ready would be so much handier.


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