Sloppy accounts handling

As of recently, accounts are being approved with account names that do
not conform to the account name policy (remember, nicknames are NOT
allowed!), and people who already have some sort of older account are
being given new accounts (we also have an "one account only" policy).

Furthermore, I personally think that adding a new account and putting
no information whatsoever about the purpose of the account in the LDAP
comment field is just as bad as committing without a comment etc. If
you're lazy, just copy what Mango put in the "requested permissions"
and "approved by" comment in the LDAP comment field, if you're a good
citizen also put in your account name and date as an indication of who
added the account, but please do not leave the comment field
completely empty!

Could people in the accounts team please be more careful when
approving accounts? Just clicking "New user" is not enough!


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