Special setuid wrapper for Mango

Could someone write a setuid wrapper for me?

I'd like people to be able to reset their Mango LDAP password. For this
I'd like to have it work by allowing people to do:
  ssh -l $USERID mango.gnome.org mango

The fake mango command would call the setuid mango (not setuid root!)
script named:
/usr/local/bin/mango-reset (or something)
which calls:
/usr/local/bin/mango-reset.py $ORIGINAL_ID (or something, ENV variable
is also ok, at long as everything stays secure)

So I need a secure /usr/local/bin/mango-reset.c which checks which user
called it (so e.g. if someone logs in, I'd like to have my Python script
*securely* know which password / uid to reset.
Note: I prefer a number for the userid, e.g. 7810 or something. Think
that is more secure.

Could someone write above for me, securely?

Note: We already have something for signal-ftp-sync. Can't reuse it as I
want to know who called the setuid wrapper.


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