[Bug 590156] error whilst pushing tree

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------- Comment #3 from Todd Zullinger  2009-07-29 23:13 UTC -------
The try/except block _should_ have tested for non-ascii and only if encoding
the string as ascii encoded the header using python's email.Header.Header() (to
render it something like '=?utf-8?b?VMO2ZGQ=?=').

But somehow the data passed either the unicode(fullname, 'ascii') call or was
successfully encoded by email.Header and still had the non-ascii '0xe2' in it. 
I expected that would not be possible (and obviously I was wrong).

(The code in question, so no one reading has to dig it out of git, goes like

    if fullname != "":
            user_fullname = unicode(fullname, 'ascii')
        except UnicodeDecodeError:
            user_fullname = Header.Header(fullname, 'utf-8').encode()

Later, user_fullname is used to build from_address, which is what was being
parsed on line 124 where the traceback occurred.)

Do you know if your gecos entry on gnome.org has any non-ascii characters in
it?  And if so, what encoding is used for the data?

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