Removing from gnomecvs maintainers list

Someone know how Glynn can be removed from the gnomecvs "maintainers"
list that is being used by Mango?


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Date: Jul 27, 2009 9:26 PM
Subject: [ #9077] Re: New account request: voucher needed

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 --- Original message follows:
 Hi there,

 I really don't think I should be getting these messages anymore - I've
 not done much in GNOME for quite some time now - so I probably need to
 be removed from some maintainer alias that I'm on for a particular

 Kind regards,


 On 28/07/2009, at 6:48 AM, Mango wrote:
 > Dear Glynn Foster,
 > We've received an account request for:
 > * gnomecvs
 > As you are a maintainer, please approve or reject this account
 > request.
 > To do so, please login to your Mango account through
 >  and
 > check the pending requests. If you do not see any pending request,
 > this
 > is likely due to one of the other maintainers being faster than you.

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