Re: Import of Git repositories?

On Mon, 2009-07-27 at 14:44 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
> What should we do about all pending "please import my Git repository"
> requests, i.e. requests where someone wants their project hosted on
> I've asked Olav, but Olav does not do Git. And I haven't found any
> suitable instructions on, like "this is the
> procedure for new repo requests" or "this is how you as a sysadmin
> import a Git repository" guide on , nor any "this is how you convert
> someone's existing SVN repo into Git for inclusion on"
> or the like.
> Currently, there are quite a few pending requests:
> (libdmapsharing)
> (Global Menu)
> (gnome-workspacetime)
> (Eina)
> (kupfer)
> Currently, it seems my only options is to let these tickets (and more
> of the same kind that come in) bitrot some more, unless someone
> magically speaks up "I know how to do it and am prepared to do it" or
> "I know how to do it and can write instructions for it".


Should be sufficient. There's no special sysadmin-only magic needed.

The one thing that maybe isn't completely clear from those instructions
is how to get a repository that has all the branches and tags of the old

 - If you have a tarball of the repository you can just untar it and
   push from that

 - If you have a remote URL somewhere you can:

    git clone --mirror ssh://oldrepo 

- Owen

Note: In this usage there is no difference between --mirror and --bare -
that distinction is only for later updates. But --mirror is easier to

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