Import of Git repositories?

What should we do about all pending "please import my Git repository"
requests, i.e. requests where someone wants their project hosted on

I've asked Olav, but Olav does not do Git. And I haven't found any
suitable instructions on, like "this is the
procedure for new repo requests" or "this is how you as a sysadmin
import a Git repository" guide on , nor any "this is how you convert
someone's existing SVN repo into Git for inclusion on"
or the like.

Currently, there are quite a few pending requests: (libdmapsharing) (Global Menu) (gnome-workspacetime) (Eina) (kupfer)

Currently, it seems my only options is to let these tickets (and more
of the same kind that come in) bitrot some more, unless someone
magically speaks up "I know how to do it and am prepared to do it" or
"I know how to do it and can write instructions for it".


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