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Should probably implement something like this
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Last night most of our network were scanned and nearly DoS'd by an ssh
worm and caused many hosts to have their sshd to timeout. I noticed that
none of the OSL managed hosts were affected by the worm and concluded
that most of you aren't running denyhosts [1].

I _highly_ recommend that all of you consider installing denyhosts or
something similar to mitigate the constant ssh worms that roam the
internet. For most situations, simply installing it and starting the
daemon will do the job. It just scans the system ssh log for failed
attempts and adds them to hosts.deny. But I do recommend you at least
check out the config file to see if you want to adjust any settings.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks-

[1] http://denyhosts.sourceforge.net/

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