Re: Dia on (experimental repository)

On 01/18/2009 09:02 AM, Hans Breuer wrote:
Will it be possible for a module maintainer on to choose to stay
with SVN?

GNOME has not yet decided to move to git. No move is currently scheduled. The current work is investigative. That being said, there is a lot of momentum right now in git's favor.

I would guess, though, that if a real migration does occur, it will be 100%. I do not think the infrastructure team will want to maintain two (or more) VCSs, not to mention all the confusion that would occur in development documentation.

In an earlier post Owen was mentioning a lot of "angst" [1] regarding the
switch from SVN to git, unfortunately I share that angst.

In the list of possible (distributed) version control systems from my
limited experience git is the one, which cares less for portability (fair
enough for being the Linux kernel version control system).

But for where a lot of projects actually do care for portability
I think there should be official vcs support at least for major platforms
we care about. And some usable gui integration would be nice, too [2].

I think everybody needs to take this very seriously. It may be that Hans just has the wrong version of git installed, I don't know. But without straightforward installers and GUI tools like TortoiseSVN, we are really pushing away the Windows developer community (Mac, too?). Maybe this isn't a big deal to most of GNOME, but I know it will have a negative impact on my modules (Tomboy, Tasque).

I'm not trying to convince you that this is a blocker, or anything. But if we do go ahead with a git migration, let's not pretend that it is an improvement on the Windows/Mac side.


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