Problem in the git importation


I was looking at the preview for the git migration. For the empathy
module, there are some old branches in the git repository that were
deleted from SVN ages ago.


It is not very important, I can remove them manually after the import,
but if that can be fixed in the script it's even better :)

Another little problem:
We are already using git for empathy. I'm using git-svn to push all dev
made in git into svn. To keep the author names in git, I commit with
that command:
git svn dcommit --add-author-from --use-log-author
Would be really great if the import script can set the author of git
commit by parsing "Signed-off-by:" or "From:" lines in the commit
message. Atm my name seems to be used for all commits made by other

Otherwise, great job guys!! I hope GNOME 2.27.1 will be released using

Xavier Claessens.

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