Re: Update on broken repos

2009/4/21 Kristian Høgsberg <krh redhat com>:
> Oh, one thing I wanted to point out but forgot, is that all the issues
> I've fixed are single instance problems.  I've not come across a generic
> failure case that might apply to all repos.

I haven't brought it up because we really probably don't care all that
much as long as the old CVS and SVN archives are going to continue on
in archival status, but only two of the original CVS branches made it
through the conversion in gnome-games. I went ahead and deleted the
two that did make it (and a few others that needed to be deleted) in
case they contained invalid information. It might be worth examining
the conversion logs, though. All of the tags, as far as I can tell,
did make it through.

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