Update on broken repos


I've been working through the list of broken repos and making some
progress.  There's still a handful left to fix, but here's the status so
far for the repos that have been brought to my attention:

Not yet fixed:
banshee				tags/banshee/<version> got lost
evince				not sure
evolution			ETOOMANYTAGS
gnome-common			branch-name (gnome-core/) and ETOOMANYTAGS
gnome-perl-introspection	svn subrepos
gnomemm				svn subrepos
gtkhtml				not sure
gyrus				references vendor branch
seahorse			svn subrepos

bigboard			copied /tags to /branches/blah
billreminder			copying outside the trunk/tags/branches structure
gnome-user-share		parsecvs segfault
gtranslator			had a tag name po/
dates				started out without trunk/tags/branches layout
jana				started out without trunk/tags/branches layout
hitori				started out without trunk/tags/branches layout
mobile-broadband-provider-info	had a /README.svn file
bin				not actually an svn repo, this was where the svn hooks lived

These are just empty repos (that is, also emtpy in SVN):

I'm working on those last few repos, thanks for being patient :)

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