Re: On autogenerated ChangeLog

On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 22:23 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 9:54 PM, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I first wrote magic for Pango to generate ChangeLog from git on
> > demand.  Those macros have been modified and gathered in
> > to only generate ChangeLog for "make
> > dist".  I wonder what people actually want to have, so I can work on
> > canonical macros to copy across projects (and eventually find a better way
> > to distribute).  Pros and cons:
> >
> Personally, I prefer maintaining an actual revisioned ChangeLog file, simply
> because I like having the ChangeLog as a part of the project data, revisioning
> tools come and go, projects get exported and imported, but the ChangeLog
> always remains in the repository or published tarball.

I recall someone once mentioning (excuse my butchering the correct 
terms) a git merge strategy that makes it easier to
maintain a ChangeLog and not have to fight with it when merging 

Who was that person, and can they please attach the information



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