Re: reboot required

Le lundi 17 septembre 2007 �2:45 +0700, Ross Golder a �it :
> Runa Bhattacharjee wrote:
> > Ross Golder wrote:
> >> The remote console unit on has become unresponsive,
> >> so we're going to need to power cycle that server at some point soon. It
> >> should only be down for a couple of minutes, but if you have trouble
> >> accessing the site, please try again later.
> > It is still down. Any estimated time when this outage would be over?
> > 
> Sorry. It's come up on the new IP address and the DNS has been updated,
> but the IP alias for the old address doesn't seem to be working. I'm
> waiting for some on-site help to determine why this is.
> It'll be working again when either:
> a) we can fix the problem with the IP alias
> b) the DNS update reaches your nameserver
> ETA: I don't think anyone who can help with a) will be available for a
> few more hours, and b) could be any time between now and the next 12
> hours, depending on your nameserver's cache.
> A workaround for the desperate would be to add the following to your
> /etc/hosts in the meantime:
> Apologies for the inconvenience.

Now, the problem remains between and The
post-commit hook doesn't work at the moment.
It's really the worse moment for this to happen :-(


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