Re: reboot required

Runa Bhattacharjee wrote:
> Ross Golder wrote:
>> The remote console unit on has become unresponsive,
>> so we're going to need to power cycle that server at some point soon. It
>> should only be down for a couple of minutes, but if you have trouble
>> accessing the site, please try again later.
> It is still down. Any estimated time when this outage would be over?

Sorry. It's come up on the new IP address and the DNS has been updated,
but the IP alias for the old address doesn't seem to be working. I'm
waiting for some on-site help to determine why this is.

It'll be working again when either:

a) we can fix the problem with the IP alias
b) the DNS update reaches your nameserver

ETA: I don't think anyone who can help with a) will be available for a
few more hours, and b) could be any time between now and the next 12
hours, depending on your nameserver's cache.

A workaround for the desperate would be to add the following to your
/etc/hosts in the meantime:

Apologies for the inconvenience.


> Thanks
> cheers
> Runa
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