Re: Sandbox SVN repository or module

On 05/03/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:

In the meeting that was held to talk about SoC, people agreed that it'd
be great to have a central place where students would put their code.
This was an issue last year for us.

It was suggested that they could use bzr/git/something-distributed, but
it would be better that they use the same tool as the one we're using in
GNOME, and also I know at least one student who had difficulties with
using a distributed vcs last year. That's why we'd love to have svn.

I'm reluctant to have the code in the main repository, since I guess it
means that our student would have an access to all of our code (but
maybe I'm wrong and we can have some ACL?), and it's not easy to
"cancel" an account (you appear to be not nice when you do so). Thus, a
separate repository would seem like an interesting idea.

Note that there isn't a single Subversion repository on
there is one per module.  So it shouldn't be a big deal to create
additional repositories for each SoC project (this also means there is
no imports/exports necessary to make it part of the main collection of
SVN repos).

As far as permissions go, it should be possible to handle this with
standard UNIX permissions: simply don't add the SoC students to the
group with write access to the main Subversion repositories.

This still leaves the question of who should have write access to the
SoC repos though: just the student?  The mentor?  Other developers?
All SoC students?


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