Re: Handling of (inactive) GNOME accounts

Il giorno mar, 03/07/2007 alle 16.33 +0300, Baris Cicek ha scritto:
> I'm neither from sysadmin team nor accounts teams, but I wanted to ask
> two things;
> 1) Will your request for reply periodic, or will it be based on logs
> about svn commits/logins etc. ?

i don't know if/how can i access svn data :( 

> 2) What does active/passive mean? Is it about denying access, or
> removing the whole account(s)? 

As fatalerror said the policy is to not remove accounts.

Personally i prefer the way Debian is handling this kind of things

In Debian currently we have 4 states for any given account in LDAP:

Active (default)

"Disabled" is for people that we don't know the status (aka MIA)
and is the state described by fatalerror.
We disable login on every machine and we block theyr alias.

Emeritus is for people who leaved the project telling this to
the project (maybe in our case to AccountsTeam). 
We disable login on every machine but we leave theyr alias
for 1 year (iirc).

Memorial is for people passed away but we want remember them.

In the future, this mean that we will have to change the Ldap schema,
and at the same time improve mango for reflect the changes, i know you
baris are working on it for GSoc. 

I don't want propose this atm, i only want check who is active and who
is not.


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