Re: Following on from Ross's resignation

Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi all,
> The board was made aware of Ross's mail to the list last week:
> discussed this quite a bit on the mailing list, and here's
> how I (and we) see things:
>  - Migrating infrastructure to a different server is not a board
> decision to make, but since it impacts the project's infrastructure, the
> board would like to be made aware of changes that include adding new
> servers before the fact.
>  - In this particular case, several of the sysadmin team were aware that
> you were planning the move of this infrastructure, and as you said, it
> had been mentioned in the wiki several weeks before. The people most
> concerned were aware that progress and socket were canonical machines,
> which is the most important thing. It's unfortunate that people in
> RedHat (who have invested quite a bit in GNOME infrastructure over the
> years) weren't aware of that, and found out after the migration happened.
>  - Overall, this Subversion migration has happened swimmingly, so far
> from doing damage, you have done a lot of good.
>  - If you want to take a break from the sysadmin team for personal
> reasons, then you should do that - take as long as you want, get used to
> only working 50 hour weeks and spend some time with your family. But I
> would like to see you not shut the door on GNOME forever.
> In particular, since the Subversion migration is still pretty young, it
> would be very imprudent to have your admin access removed. We'd like you
> to continue to have admin access to the servers.
> What do you think?

OK. It seems I didn't quite need to resign as such, so I take back my
resignation. I will be trying to take more of a hands-off approach this
year, so I can unwind a bit and pay more attention to some other aspects
of my life, but contributing to GNOME will still feature in it somewhere
I hope :)

Thanks, guys.


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