Following on from Ross's resignation

Hi all,

The board was made aware of Ross's mail to the list last week:

discussed this quite a bit on the mailing list, and here's
how I (and we) see things:

 - Migrating infrastructure to a different server is not a board
decision to make, but since it impacts the project's infrastructure, the
board would like to be made aware of changes that include adding new
servers before the fact.
 - In this particular case, several of the sysadmin team were aware that
you were planning the move of this infrastructure, and as you said, it
had been mentioned in the wiki several weeks before. The people most
concerned were aware that progress and socket were canonical machines,
which is the most important thing. It's unfortunate that people in
RedHat (who have invested quite a bit in GNOME infrastructure over the
years) weren't aware of that, and found out after the migration happened.
 - Overall, this Subversion migration has happened swimmingly, so far
from doing damage, you have done a lot of good.
 - If you want to take a break from the sysadmin team for personal
reasons, then you should do that - take as long as you want, get used to
only working 50 hour weeks and spend some time with your family. But I
would like to see you not shut the door on GNOME forever.

In particular, since the Subversion migration is still pretty young, it
would be very imprudent to have your admin access removed. We'd like you
to continue to have admin access to the servers.

What do you think?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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