Re: Username length limitation policy

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, C.J. Adams-Collier wrote:

> The amount of annoyance I experienced having to explicitly use
> 'v-cjcoll@' and 'cjcoll@' for commands such as ssh in the past (often
> requiring modification of otherwise-standard shell scripts) is larger
> than this petitioning process, and I will continue discussing it with
> the community until someone explains to me how the world is a better
> place by my acceptance of this policy.

What you need probably is to add something like this to your

	User ccollier

or whatever the 8-letter username you choose.

> This issue is not stopping me from being a productive contributor to
> the larger Free Software community.  I publish daily under the Free
> Document License and General Public License as
> cjcollier colliertech org   All I am asking from the GNOME community
> is that I also be allowed to publish as cjcollier gnome org 

All contributions to GNOME are cites with the contributors full
name and preferred email address.  You don't have to (or can
right away) use an address.

Hope that helps.


"Commandment Three says Do Not Kill, Amendment Two says Blood Will Spill"
	-- Dan Bern, "New American Language"

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