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This sounds very interesting.  Do we have a steering committee for the
svn repositories?  Is that us? :)

I agree that CIA would be a good way to begin.  Scraping google and
various F/OSS planet aggregators for project names / keywords would
also be a good way to determine the communities "most important" and
"favorite" projects.  And of course we, as members of the community
would do well to apply our perspective.  Perl(etc.)-generated graphs
are nice, but impressions and hunches help to humanize the automaton
that such data might create.



PS, Joe, please provide me your pgp key

Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hey,
> It's hardly scientific, but you might want to prioritize based on
> activity statistics from CIA:
> In particular, the most recent commits:
> and the total number of commits:
> You could probably take the collated top 30 or so modules from there and
> convert them first, and then do the remaining in alphabetical order.
> That should definitely get the most active modules converted over first.
> One thing to note is this message:
>         This page has a very large number of child items, and CIA can
>         not yet display them all or browse them incrementally. Below is
>         an arbitrary set of 100 items. Sorry for the inconvenience,
>         we're working on resolving this issue.
> I noticed that rather big modules like, oh, say, gtk+ were missing. :)
> Maybe you could get a one-time full iteration from the CIA guys to help
> with this.
> Joe
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