Determining svn conversion order


It's hardly scientific, but you might want to prioritize based on
activity statistics from CIA:
In particular, the most recent commits:
and the total number of commits:
You could probably take the collated top 30 or so modules from there and
convert them first, and then do the remaining in alphabetical order.
That should definitely get the most active modules converted over first.

One thing to note is this message:

        This page has a very large number of child items, and CIA can
        not yet display them all or browse them incrementally. Below is
        an arbitrary set of 100 items. Sorry for the inconvenience,
        we're working on resolving this issue.
I noticed that rather big modules like, oh, say, gtk+ were missing. :)
Maybe you could get a one-time full iteration from the CIA guys to help
with this.


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