Re: Determining svn conversion order

เมื่อ จ. 2006-02-13 เวลา 14:00 -0500, Kevin Kubasik เขียนว่า:
> It also might be worthwhile to send out a notice to all the gnome
> mailing list for special requests (ie hackfest's/ major pending
> commits) just to make sure no one is left out in the dark.

I did consider that, but was persuaded that posting to our two main
'announce' lists would be better than crossposting to a hundred or so
different lists :) The idea is that at least one member of each
dependent group should be on at least one of the announce lists and
would be able to pass it on for discussion etc in their group.

Except for Guilherme, a sysadmin team member, it doesn't seem like many
people have mentioned about it in their blogs yet ;)


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