Re: Determining svn conversion order

เมื่อ จ. 2006-02-13 เวลา 13:48 -0500, Joe Shaw เขียนว่า: 
> Hey,
> It's hardly scientific, but you might want to prioritize based on
> activity statistics from CIA:
> I noticed that rather big modules like, oh, say, gtk+ were missing. :)

I thought of another way - using our bonsai checkins database. A few
minutes playing around and I came up with this :

select substr(repositories.repository from 12) as module,
count(checkins.repositoryid) as tot from checkins, repositories where
checkins.repositoryid = and checkins.ci_when >
date_sub(curdate(), interval 1 year) group by checkins.repositoryid
order by tot desc;

This turns up the resultset you can find here:

I see 'gtk+' and 'gimp' at the top, amongst the other main high-profile
projects :)


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