Re: Subversion on container

Any other questions, queries, concerns or comments, let's hear them now
and get them sorted. If anyone thinks I should start making
noise/announcements on other lists (e.g. foundation-list, i18n, docs
etc), please let me know. If nobody brings up any showstopper issues by
next weekend, I'll propose a cut-off date to the board, CC
foundation-list, and await some kind of official sign that it's all OK
to go ahead.

The layout of the gnome-python subdirectory is unfortunate.
The subdirectories are treated by us as separate modules but the convert script treats them as all other modules, eg directories.

Would it be possible to special case the gnome-python module so we can have gnome-python/pygtk/trunk, gnome-python/pyorbit/trunk instead of
gnome-python/trunk/... ?

If it's too much work, just move all modules to the toplevel directory, since we're breaking all scripts already we can break them a bit further :)

I think this applies to a few other modules. I can't remember any of them right now, but if you look at the module aliases in CVSROOT/ it should give you an


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