Re: Subversion on container

เมื่อ จ. 2006-02-06 เวลา 10:00 -0200, Johan Dahlin เขียนว่า:
> > Any other questions, queries, concerns or comments, let's hear them now
> > and get them sorted. If anyone thinks I should start making
> > noise/announcements on other lists (e.g. foundation-list, i18n, docs
> > etc), please let me know. If nobody brings up any showstopper issues by
> > next weekend, I'll propose a cut-off date to the board, CC
> > foundation-list, and await some kind of official sign that it's all OK
> > to go ahead.
> The layout of the gnome-python subdirectory is unfortunate.
> The subdirectories are treated by us as separate modules but the convert 
> script treats them as all other modules, eg directories.
> Would it be possible to special case the gnome-python module so we can have 
> gnome-python/pygtk/trunk, gnome-python/pyorbit/trunk instead of
> gnome-python/trunk/... ?
> If it's too much work, just move all modules to the toplevel directory, 
> since we're breaking all scripts already we can break them a bit further :)

>From what I can see, it would require hacking 'cvs2svn' to achieve the
'gnome-python/(submodule)/[trunk|branches|tags]' effect, and would
result in a module that doesn't conform to the normal layout of a
subversion repo (where [trunk|branches|tags] are the root folders).

So, I will plan to move these modules up to the toplevel before the
migration, so they each have a 'repository' of their own afterwards.
Obviously, doing the 'mv' in /cvs/gnome will break any existing CVS
checkouts at that time.

> I think this applies to a few other modules. I can't remember any of them 
> right now, but if you look at the module aliases in CVSROOT/ it should give 
> you an
> idea.

Sure. I'm figuring that the maintainers of such modules will need to
read about 'svn:externals', as per my other reply to James a few moments



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