Re: Subversion on container

Hi Ross,

Le dimanche 05 f�ier 2006 �0:27 +0700, Ross Golder a �it :
> Also, if anyone has any bright ideas on a proposed cut-off date for
> this, that would be great too :) Looking at the GNOME 2.14 release
> schedule, I'm guessing that the weekend of either the 18th or 25th would
> be a good time to do a switch, but again, please feel free to disagree
> (with a good reason and a more appropriate suggestion, of course!).

Both dates look okay to me.

> Any other questions, queries, concerns or comments, let's hear them now
> and get them sorted. If anyone thinks I should start making
> noise/announcements on other lists (e.g. foundation-list, i18n, docs
> etc), please let me know. If nobody brings up any showstopper issues by
> next weekend, I'll propose a cut-off date to the board, CC
> foundation-list, and await some kind of official sign that it's all OK
> to go ahead.

I'm not sure, but maybe translators would love to see a (really simple)
guide explaining what this changes for them.

Thanks for working on this :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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