Re: Subversion on container

Progress update and further request for comments...

เมื่อ อา. 2005-11-06 เวลา 01:40 +0700, Ross Golder เขียนว่า: 
> I found a bit more spare time to work on this today. More details can be
> found on the following page:

I've updated my notes on this page.

> To summarise:
> - There is now read-only Subversion access to the modules (as they were
> at the point at which they were most recently 'cvs2svn'ed). The
> subversion http URL scheme is:
> If/when we switch to subversion, to provide SVN+SSH (write) access to
> our 'gnomecvs' members, we would need to change the
> "command='/usr/bin/cvs server'" command override (see sshd(8)) we apply
> to their keys to a more subversion-appropriate command override (I
> guess). I'm not yet sure what (I haven't RTFMed that bit yet).

I have RTFMed that now - it needs to be changed to
"command='/usr/bin/cvs server'".

> - I bolted on a 'viewcvs' instance, so we can see things more clearly:

At time of writing, this shows that the test migration I kicked off
earlier has now run has reached evolution :) It's currently working in
alphabetical order, but if someone with more of a clue could sort the
following list into some kind of priority order, then the more important
modules can be made available via Subversion sooner after the CVS

> - Still not confident with the 'cvs2svn' runs. I've updated the
> migration script I use to dump the stderr/stdout in a directory, which
> I've made accessible here:

Since I wrote this, I've spoken with the 'cvs2svn' hackers, and hacked
on the script a bit. It now seems to work 100%. I'd appreciate it if
more people could check out, compile and otherwise spot-check their
favourite modules (once the latest migration run has processed them of
course) and report any problems they find back to me as soon as

The only thing that I can see we will lose from the migration that we
don't have with CVS is the Bonsai interface.  Several people have
suggested that Bonsai isn't really that important anyway, and that we
worked perfectly well without it for a year or so before I
semi-resurrected it. The migration and any subsequent live commits are
using a '' and maintaining a bonsai-compatible database, but
the Bonsai web front-end needs a CVSROOT to work with (which subversion
can't provide). Apparently, there is a subversion-capable rewrite of
Bonsai in progress (from the same guy that gave me the
script), but it still needs some testing/debugging etc so we can
consider adding it on later when it's a bit more mature.

Also, if anyone has any bright ideas on a proposed cut-off date for
this, that would be great too :) Looking at the GNOME 2.14 release
schedule, I'm guessing that the weekend of either the 18th or 25th would
be a good time to do a switch, but again, please feel free to disagree
(with a good reason and a more appropriate suggestion, of course!).

Any other questions, queries, concerns or comments, let's hear them now
and get them sorted. If anyone thinks I should start making
noise/announcements on other lists (e.g. foundation-list, i18n, docs
etc), please let me know. If nobody brings up any showstopper issues by
next weekend, I'll propose a cut-off date to the board, CC
foundation-list, and await some kind of official sign that it's all OK
to go ahead.



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