Re: moinmoin upgraded to 1.5.6

<quote who="Thilo Pfennig">

> Is this running in twisted mode?  It would be good if it is running with
> Python 2.5

Not yet -- when I set it up, I used the threadpool simple server, just as a
simple starting point.

We have a couple of choices:

 * Stick with the separate moin web server process but shift to the Twisted
   implementation (I'd prefer to keep running the app like this, personally,
   but twisted and new versions of python are going to be troublesome on our
   platform -- better to stick with what's packaged and supported)

 * Shift to mod_python -- does RHEL ship with mod_python?

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
                         Grind'n'wink. That is all.

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