Re: Historical deployment methods

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> Matt Galgoci did the initial installs for most of the machines, so I'm not
> really sure about the exact procedure.

Ok, thanks for Ccing him.

> SOE == Service Oriented Enterprise? And that means?

Standard Operating Environment.

> Certainly having a higher degree of reproducibility would be wonderful.
> Of course, I'd much rather know how to reproduce the environment on window
> used, say, for automated doc rebuilds or the environment that is used to
> run rather than the entire soup of 100 different things
> that makes up window. 

The best way to do that is chunk, reproduce and migrate (and then improve!)
rather than attempt to divine their operation from the encrusted barnacles,
and we can only do that one piece at a time. I've started with mail because
it was very recently 100% h0rked, but I'll see how priorities work out as I
attack other parts of the systems.

Gotta have priorities.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
     "First: This is not a race." - Jody Goldberg on the Free Software

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