Relocation of gnome servers [OUTAGE]

As previously announced, we will be moving the servers
to a different hosting facility over the next few days.

The timeline for this move is:
 - Tuesday, 28 June, 13:00 UTC. Servers taken down for packing,
   shipped overnight to new collocation facility.

 - Wednesday, 29 June: Setup at new facilities: hopefully completed
   by the end of the day (US Mountain Time: UTC +0600)

 - Thursday, 30 June: finish setting servers back up if not
   completed on the 29th.

During this period most GNOME services and GNOME hosted services 
will be unavailable. Exceptions are:


 - Anonymous GNOME CVS access from

We apologize for the outage, and thank you for your patience.

					- The GNOME Sysadmin team

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