Window mail config changes

I removed some redundant entries from /etc/postfix/virtual on window. In
particular, the one that was forwarding '' to
'' (which doesn't exist) causing a lot of annoying
failure messages to mailer-daemon (which get picked up on the
gnome-sysadmin list). I also commented out some test entries referring
to 'canvas', which wouldn't have worked anyway.

I can't imagine anything will go awry, but I'm copying in the bugzilla
dudes so they know who to harass if anything stops working around about
now. In fact, if they can confirm/deny whether the rest of the virtual
addresses are still relevant or not, and if not I'll remove them:

-- begin cut'n'paste --
unknown bugzilla gnome org              unknown widget gnome org

debbugs-export bugzilla gnome org       bugmaster gnome org,
martin widget gnome org

control-test bugzilla gnome org         bugzilla canvas gnome org
control bugzilla gnome org              bugzilla bugzilla gnome org                     bugzilla bugzilla gnome org                bugzilla canvas gnome org

# Virtual domain for
# By default, everything gets forwarded to
gateway-from-widget bugs-tirania gnome org
# which is the "real" debbugs at
# We filter submit bugs gnome org and file bugs which already have
Bugzilla packages
# directly into Bugzilla.
# January 26, 2001
# Martin Baulig <baulig suse de>

submit bugs gnome org                   halloween
# bugs gnome org gateway-from-widget bugs-tirania gnome org

-- end cut'n'paste

I'm guessing that only the 'submit bugs gnome org' entry is relevant
these days. Is that the case?

And, while I was at it, I figured any mail destined for window probably
ought to get spam-filtered first by menubar, as per container's recent
change. The MX records were already in place (cheers Christian), so I
set it to only accept mail from menubar (and container for web update
e-mails from CVS commit scripts).



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