Re: Window mail config changes

On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 10:41:04AM +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> I removed some redundant entries from /etc/postfix/virtual on window. In
> particular, the one that was forwarding '' to
> '' (which doesn't exist) causing a lot of annoying
> failure messages to mailer-daemon (which get picked up on the
> gnome-sysadmin list). I also commented out some test entries referring
> to 'canvas', which wouldn't have worked anyway.
> I can't imagine anything will go awry, but I'm copying in the bugzilla
> dudes so they know who to harass if anything stops working around about
> now. In fact, if they can confirm/deny whether the rest of the virtual
> addresses are still relevant or not, and if not I'll remove them:
> -- begin cut'n'paste --
> unknown bugzilla gnome org              unknown widget gnome org

unknown bugzilla gnome org is the email address used for bugreports
created by bug-buddy where the reporter doesn't have a account. It shouldn't get any mail.

I'll change this to unknown gnome bugs, probably tomorrow. 

> debbugs-export bugzilla gnome org       bugmaster gnome org,
> martin widget gnome org

Same as unknown bugzilla gnome org  That address was used to import the
debian bugs. Shouldn't get mail, but I'll change that to @gnome.bugs.

> control-test bugzilla gnome org         bugzilla canvas gnome org
> control bugzilla gnome org              bugzilla bugzilla gnome org

Above aren't needed.

>                     bugzilla bugzilla gnome org
>                bugzilla canvas gnome org

We depend on that to forward bugzilla bugzilla gnome org to the
bugzilla user (and bugzilla window gnome org -- envelope from for
bugreports, although we try to send error messages/bounces to
/dev/null). Bugzilla b g o is emailed by Halloween.

We used to have *-maint b g o, but those have been changed to
*-maint gnome bugs  Bugzilla has been changed to drop emails to
@gnome.bugs. I still see spam for *-maint b g o (eventually is forwarded
to bugmaster), so probably the generic can go if
bugzilla bugzilla gnome org and bugzilla-daemon bugzilla gnome org are
added instead.
Perhaps if possible/easy Postfix on widget can also drop everything to

The bugzilla-daemon b g o is used as the From: in the headers of
bugmail. That should also be forwarded. One day that'll add the comments
to the bugreport ;)

For bugzilla bugzilla-test g o + bugzilla-daemon b-t g o please forward
those to bugzilla b g o (not used currently, but would be nice).

> # Virtual domain for
> #
> # By default, everything gets forwarded to
> gateway-from-widget bugs-tirania gnome org
> # which is the "real" debbugs at
> #
> # We filter submit bugs gnome org and file bugs which already have
> Bugzilla packages
> # directly into Bugzilla.
> #
> # January 26, 2001
> # Martin Baulig <baulig suse de>
> submit bugs gnome org                   halloween
> # bugs gnome org gateway-from-widget bugs-tirania gnome org
> -- end cut'n'paste
> I'm guessing that only the 'submit bugs gnome org' entry is relevant
> these days. Is that the case?

For we only need submit bugs gnome org 


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