Re: SA upgrade

Spamassassin 3.10 is now installed and running on menubar.

Right now we are using the default rules instead of custom rulesets.
Even the default rules in SA 3.10 should do a better job, as they offer
enhanced functionality (URIBLs being chief among them).

I will be watching the spam flow over the next few days and will tweak
things as necessary to ensure we're catching as much spam as possible
while allowing our ham to flow unimpeded.

Please feel free to direct suggestions, comments, rants and questions my
way, but please do so through the list for transparency with other

Sorry for the 10 minute mail outage. Hopefully your/our reward will be
less clutter in your inbox. :)


kurt von finck
mneptok mneptok com
public key at:
server key id: 5229D26A
Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of
genius. - An Wang

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