Re: SA upgrade

On อ., 2005-12-13 at 01:48 -0800, Kurt von Finck wrote:
> Spamassassin 3.10 is now installed and running on menubar.
> Right now we are using the default rules instead of custom rulesets.
> Even the default rules in SA 3.10 should do a better job, as they offer
> enhanced functionality (URIBLs being chief among them).
> I will be watching the spam flow over the next few days and will tweak
> things as necessary to ensure we're catching as much spam as possible
> while allowing our ham to flow unimpeded.
> Please feel free to direct suggestions, comments, rants and questions my
> way, but please do so through the list for transparency with other
> users.
> Sorry for the 10 minute mail outage. Hopefully your/our reward will be
> less clutter in your inbox. :)
> ./k
> kurt von finck

Thanks, dude.

If you've got a few moments to write up any useful notes and give
yourself a bit of credit on the SpamAssassin part of the mail system
page on the wiki, that'd be handy:



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