Re: Apache configuration change

Olav Vitters wrote:

While Bugzilla is being upgraded I want to show a nice document. As
I'll be using 'deny from all' to restrict access to,
I'd like the following Apache configuration change for (not bugzilla-test):

  ErrorDocument 403 403.html

This should allow me to provide a custom error message in the 403.html
document. See for the ErrorDocument documentation:

'deny from all' is the best option as I have to make sure no-one
accesses Bugzilla during the upgrade.

From previous experience, you stand a good chance of getting something along the lines of:

"403 Access Denied.
You do not have priviledges to access that page. In addition, a 403 Access Denied error was encountered when attempting to use an error document to handle the request."
(because you don't have access to the error document).

However, you should be able to implement this in .htaccess, without needing a main Apache conf file change?

Good luck with the upgrade btw; I'm glad it's not me this time, and under much happier circumstances than the last upgrade :-)


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