Re: No xml2po on window

Hi Murray,

Today at 13:09, Murray Cumming wrote:

> By the way, you can test this now just by cding into the
> directory and running make.

I was hoping to avoid checking out complete gnomeweb-wml module on (just to be able to run ./  I did
that now by simply replacing SUBDIRS to only include the
tour in my checkout.

>> This seems like gnome-doc-utils stylesheets have not been
>> appropriately installed.  (I tried "pkg-config" stuff from that
>> command, and they show no output, meaning g-d-u is not installed at
>> all, or at least development package isn't.)
> I'm not sure that's the problem, and xml2po (from gnome-doc-utils) is
> obviously installed. Line 14, where it says 
> compilation error: file C/tour.xml line 14 element article
> xsltParseStylesheetProcess : document is not a stylesheet
> is this:
> <article id="index" lang="en"
> xmlns:xi="";>

As I guessed, the problem was funny installation of g-d-u.  
pkgconfig wasn't able to find the gnome-doc-utils.pc file which is in 
/usr/share/pkgconfig (dunno how it ended up there, /usr/lib/pkgconfig
should be more common, and g-d-u .pc files are only ones in "share").

Simply doing

  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/pkgconfig make

did the thing for me, on window.  Moving those two .pc files to
/usr/lib/pkgconfig should fix it systemwide.


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