Re: No xml2po on window

Hi Murray,

Данас у 22:34, Murray Cumming написа:

> Does it still work for you. I'm getting this error on window, but not on
> my local PC:

I've only tested xml2po, not entire gnome-doc-utils.

> xsltproc -o tour-C.omf --stringparam db2omf.basename tour --stringparam
> db2omf.format 'docbook' --stringparam db2omf.dtd "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook
> XML V4.1.2//EN" --stringparam db2omf.lang C --stringparam db2omf.omf_dir
> "" --stringparam db2omf.help_dir "" --stringparam db2omf.omf_in
> "`pwd`/./" `pkg-config --variable db2omf gnome-doc-utils`
> C/tour.xml
> compilation error: file C/tour.xml line 14 element article
> xsltParseStylesheetProcess : document is not a stylesheet

How are you testing this?  Do you have a complete gnomeweb-wml
checkout in your own $HOME? (so I can know how to test this) 

This seems like gnome-doc-utils stylesheets have not been
appropriately installed.  (I tried "pkg-config" stuff from that
command, and they show no output, meaning g-d-u is not installed at
all, or at least development package isn't.)


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