Re: GNOME list admin/moderation seperation

On ส., 2004-11-06 at 11:49 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> While unsubscribing a member of 'gnome-libs-devel', I cleared down the
> moderator queue, which didn't have anything important in it, but had
> grown quite old. Jonathan, I've added 'gnome-listadmin gnome org' to the
> list of admins for that list which should take some of the moderator
> responsibility load off of you.
> While adding gnome-listadmin, I thought, maybe it would make more sense
> to use the seperate 'gnome-listmoderator' list, and use that address for
> the 'moderator address' (new mailman 2.1 feature) to all the GNOME
> lists. Then, we just need a small team of moderators on that list. This
> should save the GNOME sysadmin list some time and e-mail traffic.
> Any particular feelings for/against doing this?

OK, after reading this back to myself for a bit, I realised that this is
a s**t idea. What I should've said was...

I think we could do with some kind of 'moderator team' - a handful of
people with no real technical skills, but a willingness to contribute a
few minutes a day to keeping *all* the GNOME list moderator queues in
check. They would just need to subscribe to 'gnome-listmoderator', and
deal with all the moderator requests as they see fit. The owner for all
of the lists would remain unchanged, but 'gnome-listmoderator' would be
listed as the moderator address for all the lists.

This takes the pressure off list owners to moderate their list (they're
usually also the project maintainer/active developer, so are often
distracted with other responsibilities anyway). Also, it will take the
noise away from 'gnome-listadmin'.

Any particular feelings or thoughts about this idea? Should I re-propose
this in an e-mail to *-list-owner gnome org?



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